Lēʻahi Ho’oku’i !

Lēʻahi = Diamond Head

Ho’oku’i = Coming together

Diamond Head coming together? Yes, I’ve been working on it!

I believe I made this connection first, as I have 4 of the 5 items to complete the Lēʻahi Ho’oku’i Set. The following medals  have the same reverse but are listed with its own  M&R catalog numbers that are not consecutive. This means the connection was not made when the M&R book was published. I would have listed the Diamond Head as the obverse and state the differences on the reverse. This would have placed this set in consecutive order rather than placing each separately, thus losing the connection.

  • 2M-14, Aloha Tiki
  • 2M-24 USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor Hawaii
  • 2M-97, Floating Restaurant Pier 6  Honolulu Harbor
  • 2M-170b, Hawaiian Wax Museum Waikiki Beach
  • 2M-174 (duh … error, same as 2M-170)
  • 2M-424, Waikiki Beach Hawaii
I believe these are the reverse.

I believe these are the reverse.

I believe these are the obverse.

I believe these are the obverse.

These were most likely visitor souvenirs available at various tourist stops on Oahu.

Does 2M-424 exist?