Ebay Sold: 1882 King Kalakaua I Coronation Medal 2RM-9


I was surprised that this medal was listed and sold rather quickly today. I was researching it.It’s dated 1882, but the coronation was held February 12, 1883.

Listed as  Medcalf & Fong 9A; Gould & Bressett 108; Medcaf & Russell RM-7 and Medcalf & Russell 2RM-9

Medal is also listed in:

Finding Paradise: Island Art in Private Collections by Severson, Horikawa & Saville

Coin Collector’s Journal, V3, 1946

The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine V27, 19961

Finally,  this coronation curiosity had made me purchase the book: The Arts of Kingship: Hawaiian Art and National Culture of the Kalakaua Era. This should be a good read.