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Eight $10 Dala Coins

Only 30 coins were struck for each of the six designs.

Here is my hoard (not included is my Princess Kaiulani) of eight (obverse design not shown on purpose).

Here are the Krause Publication listings (with my correction):

(has Kalakaua image, should be Kaiulani image)–cuid-140046-duid-343814

(has Liliuokalani image, should be Bust of Kamehameha holding spear image)

(has King Kamehameha Sovereign image, should be Liliuokalani image)

(has Kaiulani, should be Kalakaua image)

(has Bust of Kamehameha holding spear image, should be King Kamehameha Sovereign  image)–cuid-140050-duid-343818

This is correct image with description