Tax Time is Here…

My hobby interests takes turns like a minute hand rotates around the face of an analog clock.

However, when you have duplicates in your stamp collection( yes , I’m a philatelist also.)  you either sell or donate, right? (I’m not at a point to have duplicates in my Hawaiiana numismatic collection).

I recently found my stamp  donation letter  as part of my 2013 tax paperwork hunt. I made the donation back in August 2013.

I weaned out a small set of duplicates from my stamp collection last year. The original cost for this weaned group of modern day stamp duplicates was a mere $74.98 (2 cents shy of $75). After 9 years, the catalog price was a staggering 4 figure amount (see the letter).



Unique 2M-276 Kuakini Medical Center Medal Working Sample Specimen

This 2M-276 was acquired from the working sample archive of Pressed Metal Products (Vancouver, Canada). An issued letter of provenance establishes its uniqueness as a working sample (struck at the same time of the original striking, but not issued (never left the minting facility)) and was stored in its working sample archive for the last 39 years.

This blog entry is the first time that manufacturer of 2M-276 has been identified (also applies to 2M-277).


New Find – 1986 Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor

New find and is being documented in the current numismatic book I’m writing.

This medal was issued by the  Franklin Mint on a commemorative cover postmarked 1984, however the medal’s edge has a year “86”  with the standard Franklin Mint hallmark symbols (reverse bottom also displays the Franklin Mint’s stylized F).   Front of postal cover image is also provided for identification. Note that Medcalf & Russel 2nd Edition was published in 1991 and this 1986 medal was not listed in the book.