1994 Dated Princess Kaiulani Aloha Dala

A previous undocumented 1994 Dated Princess Kaiulani Dala variety was identified. Undocumented in RHM database and my draft Princess Kaiulani book.  The COA indicates it was struck in 2010. I just purchased two for my wife’s Princess Kaiulani collection. Three were being sold on eBay by Hawaiian Island Stamp and Coin. As of 2/17/2017, 8:40 Pm EST one is still available.

There are a total of six types of 1994 dated Princess Kaiulani 39 mm silver dala. Each is identified by its reverse die.

  1. Reverse: Akahi Dala
  2. Reverse: Princess Dala
  3. Reverse: Hawaii Dala
  4. Reverse: Mahalo Dala
  5. Reverse: $10 Dala
  6. Reverse: Aloha Dala