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Reverse Sketch 1975 Maui Coin Club Medal

I obtained several sketches of the Maui Coin Club issues from an business acquaintance. The reduced scan is the reverse from the 1975 Maui Coin Club medal. A historical artifact from the Maui Coin Club!

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Bishop National Bank Seal

Sold as a Hawaii poster stamp (advertising label) and now in my Hawaii bank collection as a 1948 advertising specimen. Label is intact (shown laying on an Official Red Book)

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Replica Hawaii Coins-Report Them

If you see replica Hawaii coin(s) on eBay, please report it. I found three listed today and they were reported. A did giveaway is the price and the sellers location (China). In addition, they lack required US mark as a COPY, making them illegal to sell and own. These coins are detrimental to the integrity […]

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Eisenhower Appreciation Medal

I’m in the process of updating my “Eisenhower Appreciation Medal Book”. New title is still under wraps. However, I wanted to share Frank Gasparro’s dual torch design that he repeated in 1960, 1961, and 1962.

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1st day of Trading FHB stock


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First Hawaiian Bank IPO

Initial Public Offering of First Hawaiian Bank (Nasdaq: FHB) set to start trading on August 5, 2016. The reason I brought up the topic of First Hawaiian Bank is the dedication medal I own and subsequently shared it on Wikipedia (left side of page).  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Hawaiian_Center    

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Calling Card of King Kalākaua

A donation made by my wife and I back in December 2010.

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Provisional Government of Hawaii Transfer Medal

Interesting item recently sold on eBay. Postmark indicates it’s a 1973 issue. This medal was previously identified by me, but I never knew it was part of a postal cover. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Great-American-Places-HAWAII-TRANSFER-TO-U-S-Honolulu-Silver-Medal-Cover-31g-/182220080551?hash=item2a6d29c5a7:g:Ag0AAOSwTZ1XlvN0

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Previous Interest – Territorial Gold

I once owned two gold slugs. This is an 1851 $50 Lettered Edge (LE) Humbert 880. It’s longer in my collection.  

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Not Really A Hawaiian Item…But I had to Share

I created this a few days a go. After clicking the center start button, click the YouTube logo (bottom right), and display the video full screen. Turn up your volume, enjoy the music, and watch ….        

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