My Aloha Money Dollar Collection

Aloha Money (obverse)/Royal Hawaiian Mint Dollar (reverse) counterstamped on a 1921 Morgan dollar, 1926 Peace dollar, 1974 Eisenhower dollar, 1776 1976 Eisenhower dollar, and an 1993 American Silver Eagle.

The Morgan dollar and American silver eagle are listed in Unusual World Coins, 6th Edition.

1980 Hawaiian Monarchy Series by Precious Medals Hawaii

I recently purchased a silver set and bronze set of the Hawaiian Monarchy Series from Gregory Reeser. Mr. Reeser was the designer of these medals. Mr. Reeser was also the owner of Precious Medals Hawaii. He has since retired on the mainland. Each medal that I purchased is housed in cardboard folder. Mr. Reeser has shared with me the mintage of the gold, silver and bronze issues of the Hawaiian Monarchy Series. I am writing an paper on this series from 1980. I also own a silver set housed in a special holder.

The 1 ounce gold medals are spectacular. Two of these gold medals can be seen in the 9/09 Hawaii Collection Catalog, page 66 and 67, by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers. The Bishop Museum was the recipient of the gold first strike medal in April 1980.

Interestingly, these medals were never listed in the Hawaiian Money, Standard Catalog “Second Edition”, by Donald Medcalf & Ronald Russell, 1991.

Below is a press release by Precious Medals Hawaii that I located. It should be noted that the mintage reference in this press release was planned. Mr. Reeser revealed that the dies to strike these medals were destroyed in a fire and resulted in a reduced mintage.

Mr. Reeser with Rev. Akaka at the presentation ceremony. Note the presentation box (there was several types of packaging used for these medals).

(Off topic) My 1964-P First Day Issue Kennedy Half Dollar

CoinWeek reported that NGC has certified a sealed bag of 1964-D Kennedy half-dollars and will be the only Kennedy half dollars with a First Day of Issue designation.

I wonder how the collector world take the news that I have  President Johnson gifted First Day Issue 1964-P Kennedy half dollar.

In any case, I look forward in obtaining a companion 1964-D FDI for my 1964-P FDI.