Ingots – Hawaiian Fishes

Rare bronze set (mentioned in M&R, page 150,  “a few bronze examples were issued”).  Nohu Pinao (Hawaiian Lionfish) unlisted in silver.

The Lionfish was our class pet when I was in kindergarten. The number 1 class rule was no hands in the fish tank. fishes

She Has My Complete Princess Kaiulani Collection

She (my wife…image below) likes gold coins. My wife is part Native Hawaiian, part Okinawan, and part Caucasian. It’s befitting for her to have her own Hawaiiana collection. I gave her my Princess Kaiulani collection (gold, silver and other metals). She adores each of the 1 ounce gold Princess Kaiulani issues from the Royal Hawaiian Mint.




Still Here – Completed a Discovery Model Project

I created several US Numismatic Discovery Models. Several of these models can be adapted for Hawaiiana numismatics.

Discovery Model D is a prime example. The Hawaiian Numismatic Knowledge Domain is basically centered around the MR 2nd edition book. If a Hawaiian issue is not located in this book, its a numismatic discovery if its documented.

Here at the model write-ups: