Drones, Doubled Kamehameha, and a Meal…busy life

Upgraded my AR Drone 2.0 with fibre carbon blades and gear bumpers. This drone has taken flight in Hawai’i. Originally purchase for fun, but later became a Engineering class teaching project. It has buzzed over the heads of future engineers…

20150620_202042 20150620_202134

As for the doubled Kamehameha, I purchased this from a dealer. Star without rays with doubled right arm…Nice addition to my no date so called dollar collection…

k1 k2

Now the meal as prepared by my wifey…


Results of My Aggressive Bidding for an Intact 2M-390

I won !

Why the aggressive bidding?

2M-390 (Hawaii Collector Identifier) is actually HK-722A (So Called Dollar Collector Identifier).

The NGC population reports a  graded population of 3. Population of 3!  See NGC Population Report snippet below. 

It is assumed that NGC will not add holed specimens to its NGC population, as any holed specimens automatically will be assigned a DETAILS grade.





This is the specimen I aggressively bid on. It’s a MS 65!

(The medal is actually slabbed by a mid-tier third-party grading service). Hopefully, a NGC submittal with keep it at least above the MS-63 level. And if it does, its a top pop!

The medal was part of the Presidential Coin and Antiques Company, Inc. Auction 85. (note the Hawaii name typos in the listing)






Selected! Money Talk: American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money in Chicago

Received a conformation email that my topic “The Diversity of Hawaiian Numismatics” was selected for presentation at the upcoming ANA show.

I now need to finalize my presentation.

If you have any items of interest or examples  for me  to present relating to Hawaii, let me know. You will be given credit in using your material.

My main intent of this presentation is to show how Hawaiian numismatics are part of some of the mainstream categories: So-called dollars, So-called half-dollars, tokens, medals, bullion, etc…

It is also to show that Hawaiian numismatics is basically the study and/or collecting of coins, tokens, medals, paper money, scrip, and objects that have a relationship with Hawaii. Most items that are collected have a design or text related to Hawaii. The Hawaiian relationship may be in a form of its landscape; its cultures, its people, its industry, its events, its language, its customs, its celebrities, etc…

My presentation topic is to generate interest to OTHER THAN  Kingdom of Hawaii coins, tokens, or medals listed in the “red book”.

I will have to locate my original submittal and post it here (my laptop suffered from the black screen of death and I successful in extracting majority of my files…a very slow process since my adhoc filing system was not the best).

My Aggressive Bidding for an Intact 2M-390

Wow! … an item on my want list appeared in a mail bid auction.

I placed a very aggressive last minute bid. It will be days before I know if someone was more aggressive than me.

For those who don’t know what is a 2M-390 is:  It is a pre-statehood Hawaii souvenir coin. Most  are holed with the “49” removed.

In one of my blogs, I discussed the issues with this coin in getting it encapsulated/graded. The hole makes it a “details” coin.

An intact specimen is high on my want list. My fingers are crossed on my aggressive bid…