Establishing a Numismatic Legacy

During the past weeks my career has been keeping me busy (4 projects, 2 reviews, mentor sponsorship, overtime, lunch time presentation, performance reviews, etc…).

I’ve have five displays cases reserved  for an upcoming coin show and have been finalizing its design.

The last snippet pretty much reveals the significance of my research.

The effort for the coin show was not a waste of time since majority of the graphics can be ported over to the book (ISBN number already assigned).sc2 cs1


Added My Research to Wikipedia

If you’ve been keeping up with the US Mint and the 2014  Kennedy issues it’s a hot numismatic topic.

I’ve added information that is backed-up by my background research  on the President John F. Kennedy Appreciation Medal (previously discussed in this blog as an off tangent topic) to the Kennedy half dollar.

Whom ever did the original  research dropped the ball on  Frank Gaspparo’s experience on the Presidential Seal and his FG initials  placement on the Kennedy Appreciation Medal. I’ve also added images of the President John F. Kennedy Appreciation Medal in my collection.



POTUS Appreciation Medals

I developed a new series for  US numismatics that will  attract main stream collectors and US history buffs: President of the United States of America (POTUS) Appreciation Medals 

Original impetus was the lack of information on Medcalf & Russell 2M-94.

Now a very unique US numismatic series.

Information is not a regurgitation or repackaging of previously documented information and is original research (adds new information to the body of numismatic knowledge, not simply reporting already known information as a term paper would).

New blog created to pursue this  interest. Read the home page for specific about the POTUS Appreciation Medals.