Low Volcano Thick Planchet Variety SC50c Discovered

A missing Hawaii so called 50c variety was finally found! A low volcano variety with thick planchet. See my ANA blog for a previous wrte-up from December 2016. https://www.money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/hawaii-so-called-50c-low-volcano-vs-high-volcano-variety

There are now 6 varieties of the Hawaii Statehood so called 50C.

Close-up pictures are to be shared at a future date. (Reverse image below was rotated to level the volcano).

2 thoughts on “Low Volcano Thick Planchet Variety SC50c Discovered

  1. Aloha, I have been trying to locate Steven Lee, of Steven Lee Designs, he also was a engraving artist that minted coins in Hawaii. I carried his jewelry line in my store when I lived in Hilo over a decade ago. I am going back into the business here on the mainland and am interested in locating him if he is still in the business. Can you help me with this? Mahalo in advance for your reply
    Hokulea Kealoha
    Azure Seas Jewelry

    • Steven Lee created many designs for The Honolulu Mint. I remember seeing an news article that the Northwest Territorial Mint purchased The Honolulu Mint a few years ago. The Honolulu Mint used to have a website and is no longer there. His initials (SL) can still be seen on products being sold by the https://pacifichistoricparks.org/. I would contact the Northwest Territorial Mint. They may know his whereabouts and/or any recent designs that he may have created for them.

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