Interesting Read BVN Forfeiture Order

Find a copy on the internet

Take the time to read and understand what was identified as “counterfeit” or “contraband per se”. (they are banned from ANA coin show exhibits)

Take time to read and understand what was forfeited. (what you will not be seen sold at the RHM website)

So the question is….Were the RHM ingots  forfeited (1 oz, 10, oz, etc…)? If they were, you won’t be seeing them being sold at the RHM website.

Recent Liberty Dollar item sold at RHM website are a combination of RHM and Liberty Dollar design elements (these are not considered  “counterfeit” per the forfeiture order).




2M-34 Restoration Presentation Project?

I recently purchased a presentation piece with 2M-34 obverse and reverse attached to its cover.

I removed the medals and discovered they are uniface pieces (not a medal cut in half nor two separate medals with the undesired side grinded down).

Medallic Art Co. hallmark can be seen upright (matches the side being shown and are opposite of each other)! (see 5th image)

Overall the box is in good shape and craftsmanship is excellent . I ‘m having the piece looked at by an expert to see what is the best way to restore this presentation piece.

I do collect Hawaii Banking memorabilia and this is a nice Bishop National Bank piece.

Here is copy of a good book in my collection (

b7 b6

b3 b4 b1 b2

Kikaida 01

I sold a Hawaii vinyl version of  Kikaida 01 to a Japanese collector for over >$1000 US.

Kikaida 01 and other Japanese action heros were popular in Hawaii in the 1970s when the shows were broadcast in Hawaii .

Most of the original Japanese vinyl action figures issued in Hawaii in the 1970s are rare as children would trash them after they were worn out or outgrew them (since they were inexpensive). Most were destroyed. This is the primary reason for their high dollar valuation.

Royal Hawaiian Mint Issues that Commemorate Princess Victoria Ka’ulani

Hard facts from my research that has been incorporated in my  upcoming book:

1) Royal Hawaiian Mint issued over 55 coins with the image of Princess Victoria Ka’ulani.

2) Krause Publication is the only major publisher that has cataloged (less than 15) the Royal Hawaiian Mint Royal Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coins.

3) Royal Hawaiian Mint struck the Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coins in four different metals.

4) The largest Royal Hawaiian Mint Royal Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coin is 39 mm.

5) The smallest Royal Hawaiian Mint Royal Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coin is 10 mm.

6) Royal Hawaiian Mint Royal Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coins were issued in 10 different diameters.

7) The 13 mm Royal Hawaiian Mint Royal Princess Victoria Ka’ulani coin is the diameter with the most issues.

New Images – 1996 Princess Kaiulani Gold Hapaha Repunched Date Error

I first reported this find in my 12/17/2013 blog entry (see above link). This is the first known Royal Hawaiian Mint error.

I took additional pictures today (with new DSLR camera and close up lenses).

You can clearly see the repunched 1, 9 (first only), and the 6.

Current catalog assigned number is RHM-PVK-21-06 in my work in process book.

k4error kerror1









Legation Wax Seal – Kingdom of Hawaii

I visited Gordon Medcalf at his shop in Lahaina, Maui looking for a particular medal. It was quite sometime ago while I was visiting my Maui ‘ohana. My wife is a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Edward Alden Bailey (Missionary to the Kingdom of Hawaii). He is also listed on page 9 of Medcalf & Russell 2nd edition. His former residence is now a museum.

I asked Mr. Medcalf for a 2MS-3 (Gold Official State of Hawaii medal). He said is just sold one a few days back. I just missed it….This medal still eludes me today….

I then looked around his shop and picked-up a few items.

One item was this legation wax seal still in my collection…