1884 Kingdom of Hawaii Treasury

I won this auction a few weeks ago. The items that caught my eye was the 1884 date and the Hawaiian Treasury logo.

This items is actually a Hawaiian Treasury deposit receipt that provides evidence that the Finance Department received $24.00.

The name was at first puzzling, but after a few minutes with the actual specimen it made sense. The receipt is made out to a Hawaiian Government official. The receipt is made out to District Judge Lihue (for fines & costs).


The District Judge Lihue was appointed in the position in June 1884 based on a quick library search.


A very interesting specimen that traces back to the Hawaiian Treasury in the Kingdom of Hawaii.


ABNC Souvenir Card Specimen Kingdom of Hawaii 1879 $50 Silver Certificate of Deposit Intaglio Reprint


ABNC Souvenir Card Specimen Kingdom of Hawaii 1879 $50 Silver Certificate of Deposit Intaglio Reprint

I’ve seen a few of these previously specimens sold at auction. These are not listed in Medcalf & Russell (see page 20, 2BN-1 through 2BN-7).  I have  2BN-1 through 2BN-7 in my collection.