1884 Kingdom of Hawaii Treasury

I won this auction a few weeks ago. The items that caught my eye was the 1884 date and the Hawaiian Treasury logo.

This items is actually a Hawaiian Treasury deposit receipt that provides evidence that the Finance Department received $24.00.

The name was at first puzzling, but after a few minutes with the actual specimen it made sense. The receipt is made out to a Hawaiian Government official. The receipt is made out to District Judge Lihue (for fines & costs).


The District Judge Lihue was appointed in the position in June 1884 based on a quick library search.


A very interesting specimen that traces back to the Hawaiian Treasury in the Kingdom of Hawaii.


Date of Use Identified: Waikoloa Beach Golf Club Token

A subtle understanding of the club name must be pointed out.

Currently, the name Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf (WBRG) is used. WBRG consist of two courses:

  1. Beach Course (opened in 1981)
  2. King’s Course (opened in 1990)

Waikoloa Beach Resort has two major hotels:

  1. Marriot (1981) (Sheraton and  Outrigger also had their fingers in this hotel during the property timeline)
  2. Hilton (1988)

Waikoloa Beach Resort, Marriot and Hilton, both advertise the use the Beach Course and King’s  Course, hence the proper name usage for the two golf courses is  Waikoloa Beach Resort Golf.

While the Marriot was the only hotel in the resort, the name Waikoloa Beach Golf Club was used.

Based on the club name on the token, it was used starting from 1981 (Beach Course open date) until 1988 (Hilton open date).

Only a few hours of research was performed and it can be said that this token was used from 1981 to 1988 (and no longer redeemable).

This is a prize modern Hawaii token due to its high-dollar value.

Most collectors get confused with the Waikoloa logo (still being used) and assume this token is still in use (gift cards are now used). I suspect majority were destroyed after the Hilton was opened in 1988.

This high-dollar token, serial number # 257, is in the Dr. & Mrs. Gomez collection.



Trigger Pull 2 – New Discovery Dairymen’s Velvet Ice Cream

I’ve  been watching a token (as well as others) and spent a few hours researching it.

I found something that made me purchase it immediately. A logo match!   This is a previously undocumented Hawaii token.


After more research, this is what was found.

1897 – Called the Dairymen’s Association

1900 – Called the Honolulu Dairymen’s Association

1915 – Term Velvet Ice Cream is used

1959 – Called the Meadow Gold Dairies Hawaii

Additional findings:









Royal Museum Needs Help

MEC2117 (link is on the left)

I assisted.

32 mm is known only to be struck in bright bronze. This white metal specimen is unknown and not previously documented.

Issued in 1976 by the Hawaiian Trading Company. Designed by Jim Dean. Engraver is E.W (only initials known). Speculative belief of HM hallmark is that it stands for “The Hamilton Mint”.

Reference  (ISBN provided in actual reply to the Royal Museums Greenwich)

Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog “Second Edition” by Medcalf and Russell. 2M-62 (32 mm bright bronze).

The Faces of Captain Cook by Allan Klenman. K91B (32 mm bright bronze).