Low Volcano Thick Planchet Variety SC50c Discovered

A missing Hawaii so called 50c variety was finally found! A low volcano variety with thick planchet. See my ANA blog for a previous wrte-up from December 2016. https://www.money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/hawaii-so-called-50c-low-volcano-vs-high-volcano-variety

There are now 6 varieties of the Hawaii Statehood so called 50C.

Close-up pictures are to be shared at a future date. (Reverse image below was rotated to level the volcano).

2MS-4 Medal Dies

An interesting weekend on eBay as it relates to  Hawaii Statehood medals. One particular item is the obverse and reverse dies of 2MS-4 that sold for $1009.

As you know, I documented the high volcano and low volcano varieties four  years ago.


Below is the original image that was used to identify the two volcano varieties. Left is the high volcano variety. Right is the low volcano  variety.


The recent auction of the obverse and reverse dies reflect that the volcano is low (original image flipped on the left). The die matches the right image above. Notice the separated clouds and the volcano slope is at the hula girl’s chin.


The low volcano variety was used on the thin medals and gold medals. Below is a gold medal.


I have yet to see a low volcano on a thick medal and gold medal.

What does this mean?

The dies sold on eBay is from the first striking of the thin and gold medals.

My ANA blog also documents the low and high volcano varieties.