The Gold 1990 Hawaii State Numismatic Association (HSNA) 10 mm Die

It seems that I have identified triple usage of the 10mm 1990 Kalakaua I King of Hawaii obverse die  used by The Royal Hawaiian Mint.

Here is the research:

1. I’ve been trying to track down why the 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala has a 1990 dated Kalakaua I King of Hawaii obverse. It makes no sense to have an obverse year that does not match the Pearl Harbor Attack 50th anniversary year (i.e. 1991)  of the reverse. If the dies were made at the same time both the obverse and reverse would have been dated 1991.

2. The 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala is 10mm in diameter. A search of the RHM records indicated that no 10mm 1990 dated Kalakaua I King of Hawaii coin was struck in 1990 or earlier.

3. RHM records indicate that the year 1989 is when the RHM began striking 10mm coins (B a Star Coin and Liliuokalani Gold IKI are the 10mm coins).

4. In 1989, the RHM records indicate it struck 13mm Hawaii State Numismatic Association (HSNA) gold coins. These were not sanctioned/endorsed by the HSNA governing body per M&R.  Mintage was 100 specimens. Also identified as M&R 2M-200.

5. In 1990, the RHM records indicate it struck 13mm HSNA gold coins (Kalakaua HSNA  and Liliuokalani HSNA) with mintages of 25 specimens for each.

6. An error was found (in the RHM records) that states that the 1990 13mm Kalakaua I King of Hawaii HSNA weighs 1 gram. It can be stated that an incorrect entry was made. The 13mm should in fact be 10mm due to the 1 gram weight (a 13mm gold coin weighs 1/20 oz).

7. This is what I have surmised about the 1990 Kalakaua I King of Hawaii obverse 10mm die:

  • The 10mm proof gold coins were  struck for the 1990 HSNA show with a low mintage of 25
  • The 1990 Kalakaua I King of Hawaii obverse 10mm die was reused to strike the 10mm proof  1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala
  • The same 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala die pair was used to counter-stamp 10 1991 US Silver eagles

This image is the mating of the die pairs


This is the 13 mm 1989 gold HSNA coin vs the 10mm 1990 gold HSNA.

Left is the "newly identified 10mm gold pattern". Right is the 13mm 1989 HSNA gold coin
This is the 10mm comparison of the 1990 HSNA and 1991 Pearl Harbor and 13mm 1989 HSNA. 
Left is newly discovered  10mm 1990 HSNA Show pattern. Middle is 10 mm 1941-1991 Pearl Harbor Dala. Right is 13 mm 1989 HSNA gold coin
Close-up of the 1990 HSNA gold 10mm coin

Royal Hawaiian Mint Gold Choices on Ebay 04/27/2013

A scan of eBay revealed a few sellers playing the mintage number game on the Royal Hawaiian Mint gold coins.

1984 Liliuokalani Admission Day Gold, Silver, and Bronze set- Inaccurate reporting of 65 for each coin. 195  1 oz gold, 5500 1 oz silver, and 3874 bronze. It is true that only 65 set of the three medal types were consolidated to make the 3 piece set.

1989 Kalakaua Gold Set – Accurate reporting 400 for each coin  1, ½, ¼, 1/10 and 1/20 oz.

1990 Liliukalani Gold Set – Accurate reporting 400 for each coin  1, ½, ¼, 1/10 and 1/20 oz.

1991 Kaiulani Gold Crown – Seller did not know mintage. Its actually 55 in BU. Popular Princess Victoria Kaiulani Heir Apparent design.

1994 Kaiulani 1/20 oz Save the Ocean – Seller did not know mintage. My issue it’s a jewelry piece in impaired BU condition. Mintage is 225.

1995 200th Anniversary Gold Set -Inaccurate reporting. Set indicates 95. Database reflects 200.  The printed number of 95 is believed to be accurate for 1, ½,1/10 and 1/20 oz. However, the 1/4 oz reflects a 1977 total (included with other gold sets).

1991 Kaiulani Gold Crown is my choice from this group due to the design popularity and its low mintage. The 1 on the reverse makes it a BU (proof version has a number pad for the set’s number. Proof mintage is 400).  The BU version is roughly 7.3X  more rare than the Proof version.


-Super DC-8 2M-399 and 2M-400

2M-399 listed currently on eBay. Confirmed as the “Franklinium” version (contacted seller for edge markings, photo posted with no edge markings).


This is the “carded” silver clad version issued by the Franklin Mint. Mint figures are accurate on the card.


Kona Elks Lodge 2MF-4

The Hawaiian Mint (THM) struck the Elks National Convention medal. Image is  of the bronze version with only 100 struck. THM can be seen  south east of the Big Island.

elk2 elk1

Daniel K. Inouye President Pro Tempore Medal

Nice medal at the link.

I attended the Hawaiian State Society of Washington DC Presidential Inaugural ball  in January 2009. Senator Inouye and his wife were sitting to the left of me. By sitting next to him, I had the opportunity to meet most of the politicians from Hawaii attending the ball. Mufi Hannamann and Neil Abercrombie are some of the people I remember…


Duke Kahanamoku



Item in my Hawaiiana ephemera collection, a  rare and original 1918 Hawaii Promotion Committee tri-fold flyer with the father of modern surfing.  Duke’s stance is similar to 2M-329.

A Bullion Dealer Technical Difficulties

I knew it was to good to be true when I found a bullion dealer listing for Royal Hawaiian Mint gold/silver sets listed at $119.42.

I did place an order on a so called “protected” credit card account monitored for unauthorized transactions and with a low credit limit.

After 20 days, no action by the dealer. A call to the customer service did not help.

The company has not bothered to correct the webpage. Shame on the company for false listing and being incompetent in managing their internet operations



THN-FM-NGC-01 aka 2M-337

Listed in M&R as 2M-337.  Also identified as THN-FM-NGC-01 with a mintage of 6,977.

Once again, in order to obtain this specimen a Franklin Mint complete set of the National Governors’ Conference Statehood must be dispersed.

Cachet/franking indicates “bicentennial” as the 50 state cachets were issued from 1974 through 1978 to commemorate the 200 anniversary of the US.

Find of the Week … X# MB83 Dala

Surfed the web. Found this  bargain a few days ago. Made the purchase a few minutes ago. This is a non-eBay store.  Bargain basement price of $28.27.

Coin is X# MB83, 100th Anniversary of Overthrow (a Royal Hawaiian Mint product). Catalog value of $65. I may resale it on eBay, since this is a duplicate in my collection.