Souvenir of Hawaii: An Analysis of HK-722a (Also Known As 2M-390)

The 1991 dated book Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog 2nd Edition by Medcalf & Russell assigns a catalog value of $20. There is no population or rarity assigned.

The 2008 dated book So-Called Dollar by Hibler and Kappen assigns a catalog value in the range of $75 to $300 in uncirculated grades. A population estimate is assigned between 21 to 75. This is a  R-6 using the Fuld rarity scale.

Both books fail to mention that two types of specimen are available: Intact and Holed. The holed version has the “49” drilled out.

NGC grading standards reflect that holed specimens will be assigned DETAILS grade. The current NGC population is 3 for intact specimens (1 @MS62 and 2@MS63).

The John Raymond So Called Dollar Tabulation reflects that there was no HK-722a identified as being sold through mail bid dealers and auctioneers from the years 1975 through 2000.

Recently, there was an intact HK-722a sold at eBay. The hammer price was $280. I would conservatively grade this medal MS60. However, this is an intact specimen making it even more desirable when comparing it to the current NGC population of 3. Recent eBay sale

I give a thumbs-up to the purchaser who picked up this intact “49” rarity.

Medal: U.S. Fleet Visits Hawaii in the Spring and Summer of 1925

This an unlisted so called dollar (or medal) that was missed by Hibler and Kappen (and also by Medcalf & Russell).

Most collectors get confused thinking its an Australian medal/token.

This medal should be listed in the Hawaiian numismatic guidebooks.

As you can plainly see, this is a 1925 United States Fleet medal that identifies the location visits. Hawaii is listed on the right side on the obverse and in the center of the reverse..


The below article snippet was taken from The Hawaiian Annual for 1926, by Thos. G. Thrum. As the second paragraph states the significance of Hawaii to the U.S.


The full article can be found at (click the first location bar (blue) to the right of the Google reader.