And now CIA Medals…

It all started with a NGC MS-67 2M-94, Eisenhower appreciation medal and it snowballed into two books (working on a third). This third book is now to have a chapter on other medals…

This is a model that I created for my third book. It shows three manufacturing functions of the Bureau of the Mint. Note that the 2M-94 falls in the third manufacturing function. That is, the White House procured 2M-94 for President Eisenhower’s use. It should be noted that the White House is a US Government agency and fits in the model.


The first two manufacturing functions are well known and documented. It is this third manufacturing function that is not well known and not documented. So the question that I answered for Hawaiian specialist is that 2M-94 was manufactured as a “Special Medal for a US Government agency. The next image provide more details.


Note the red text. So it can be said that 2M-94 is part of a unintentional Bureau of the Mint  medal series and with missing special and general numismatic information. See my other website

So why did I mention CIA medals?

Actually, I now have now discovered a total of four unintentional series in the Special Medals for US Government agencies category. They are:

1. White House Office (named POTUS sGm series) (2M-94 is part of this series)

2. Department of Commerce (named DOC sGm series)

3. Department of the Interior (named DOI sGm series)

4. Central Intelligence Agency (named CIA sGm series)

Gilroy Roberts and/or Frank Gasparro hallmarks was first identified by me on the DOC, DOI, and CIA sGm series (POTUS sGm series was by White House documentation).

My Bureau of the Mint Triad model has been validated by uncovering undocumented medals used by four different US Government agencies.

I’m actually now investigating the CIA medals (a far cry from my Hawaiiana interest).  The following is the first photograph of the type medals from the 4 sGm series created by the third manufacturing function of the Bureau of the Mint.


This is a very large metal designed by Frank Gasparro.




As I said earlier, it all started with a NGC MS-67 2M-94, Eisenhower appreciation medal.