The Aloha Airlines Silver Tail Ingot FMI-A01

Listed as FMI-A01 in my  just released book Hawaiian Numismatic Issues from the Franklin Mint: Medals, Coins and Ingots. 

This Aloha Airlines sterling silver ingot has a mintage of 1,777 (mintage is deceiving as Franklin Mint collectors do not breakup sets). If you locate a FMI-A01  today, its a remnant from a broken up completed set.

Hint: The choicest specimens are those in original Franklin Mint packaging.  The proper collector term is Mint in Package (MIP).

Hint: The original Franklin Mint paperwork is also desired and extremely hard to come by since most specimens are a remnant from a broken up completed set.

Hint: Aloha Airlines went out of business in 2008 making this highly sought after by airline and Aloha Airlines memorabilia collectors.

Here is a MIP FMI-A01 with its original Franklin Mint paperwork and magazine ad.



fm1 fm2 fm3

Back from California Work & Vacation

Just returned from a business trip/mini vacation in California. Spent the last 7 days in the Los Angeles area. Had to stop by the Hawaiian eateries. Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice breakfast was onolicious. Nothing like that on the East Coast USA.

I saw that an Eisenhower Appreciation Medal in the form of a jewelry piece was a topic of heated bidding.

The seller tried to quote my research….

Sunset picture of  RAT beach…..“Right After Torrance” Beach and “Redondo and Torrance” Beach, is located on southern Santa Monica Bay in Torrance, between Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes Estates, in Los Angeles County, California


Eight $10 Dala Coins

Only 30 coins were struck for each of the six designs.

Here is my hoard (not included is my Princess Kaiulani) of eight (obverse design not shown on purpose).


Here are the Krause Publication listings (with my correction):

(has Kalakaua image, should be Kaiulani image)–cuid-140046-duid-343814

(has Liliuokalani image, should be Bust of Kamehameha holding spear image)

(has King Kamehameha Sovereign image, should be Liliuokalani image)

(has Kaiulani, should be Kalakaua image)

(has Bust of Kamehameha holding spear image, should be King Kamehameha Sovereign  image)–cuid-140050-duid-343818

This is correct image with description



21 of the Known 34 Franklin Mint Ingots are missing in the 1991 Medcalf & Russell Book

Below is the breakdown of the 34 known Hawaii related Franklin Mint ingots sorted by rarity.

The rows identified with “unlisted” indicates it’s unlisted in the 1991 Medcalf & Russell book.

Rarity Rank THN Identifier Population M&R Status
1 FMI-F03 1124 unlisted
2 FMI-F10 1124 unlisted
3 FMI-F05 1443 unlisted
4 FMI-A01 1777 unlisted
5 FMI-A02 1777 unlisted
6 FMI-E06 2285 unlisted
7 FMI-S01 2905 unlisted
8 FMI-S02 Included with FM-S01
9 FMI-FF01 2988 unlisted
10 FMI-E03 3078 unlisted
11 FMI-E01 3231 unlisted
12 FMI-E04 3231 unlisted
13 FMI-B05 3370
14 FMI-F07 3576
15 FMI-B01 4154
16 FMI-F01 4892
17 FMI-F08 4892
18 FMI-E02 5618 unlisted
19 FMI-E05 5618 unlisted
20 FMI-F06 5803
21 FMI-F12 7731 unlisted
22 FMI-B02 8014
23 FMI-B03 8014
24 FMI-B04 8014
25 FMI-F04 18412
26 FMI-F11 18412
27 FMI-F02 unk unlisted
28 FMI-F09 unk unlisted
29 FMI-S03 unk unlisted
30 FMI-ST01 unk unlisted
31 FMI-ST02 unk
32 FMI-ST03 unk unlisted
33 FMI-ST04 unk unlisted
34 FMI-ST05 unk unlisted

Now you need the book that fully catalogs  the Franklin Mint issues (release date is still TBD).

26 Out of the Top 40 Rarities are missing in 1991 Medcalf & Russell Book

Knowledge is power. Especially in numismatics. There are a total of 80 Hawaii related Franklin Mint Rounds (based on my upcoming re-release of my book).

Below is a breakdown of the 40 rarest Franklin Mint Rounds.  The rows identified with “unlisted” indicates it’s unlisted in the 1991 Medcalf & Russell book. And yes there are 26 of the 40 not listed in the Medcalf & Russel book. If you don’t have the full Hawaiian numismatic picture, you are collecting at a disadvantage and missing collecting  opportunities.

Now you need the book that fully catalogs  the Franklin Mint issues (release date is still TBD).

Rarity Rank THN  Identifier Population M&R Status
1 FMR-E12 1
2 FMR-E18 1
3 FMR-E26 1 Unlisted
4 FMR-E36 1 Unlisted
5 FMR-E32 3
6 FMR-P14 3 Unlisted
7 FMR-PL10 10 Unlisted
8 FMR-PL13 45
9 FMR-E14 63 Unlisted
10 FMR-E20 63 Unlisted
11 FMR-E28 63 Unlisted
12 FMR-PL05 155
13 FMR-E22 285
14 FMR-PL09 290
15 FMR-P04 296 Unlisted
16 FMR-P09 412 Unlisted
17 FMR-M01 500 Unlisted
18 FMR-P02 647 Unlisted
19 FMR-E24 651
20 FMR-PL15 743 Unlisted
21 FMR-PL07 866 Unlisted
22 FMR-P11 895 Unlisted
23 FMR-P07 955 Unlisted
24 FMR-PL20 1023 Unlisted
25 FMR-PL22 1023 Unlisted
26 FMR-PL16 1274
27 FMR-PL06 1303
28 FMR-PL18 1350 Unlisted
29 FMR-P08 1596
30 FMR-E34 1706 Unlisted
31 FMR-PL12 1853
32 FMR-PL21 1872 Unlisted
33 FMR-PL23 1872 Unlisted
34 FMR-E38 1876 Unlisted
35 FMR-P05 1939 Unlisted
36 FMR-PL17 2109
37 FMR-P01 2204 Unlisted
38 FMR-E05 2216
39 FMR-E30 2500 Unlisted
40 FMR-P06 2818 Unlisted