Baltimore Coins Show

I attended the Baltimore coin show looking for Hawaiiana items and specific medals for my collection. Did not find any worthwhile Hawaiian items. I also was handing out a copies of my book. Picture of name tag and blown-up picture of an item on my want list.




There was an online auction over the weekend that someone got a RHM at a steal. ( I assume its a typo and it was won at $5.00 (see starting bid price)






Buyer Beware…1883 hawaii half dollar- minting used testing strike plate – copper pattern test

Counterfeit from China. Seller mentions the pointed “I”. The image from China also has the pointed “I”


I reported the item with eBay.

Read more about it…!topic/rec.collecting.coins/J6rnKlShedM


Seller has been selling it for some time…


Notice the lack of details when compared to an original proof! Click to enlarge. Notice the lack of details in the crown and other areas…


Bidding War for a 2MS-18 Sterling Silver ….Winning Bid is $565.55

I had placed a bid in the $500 range during my lunch hour.

Then got an email from a contact (aka dealer).  I immediately retracted my bid. Why?

I was put on notice that a complete serial numbered (each the same serial number) set of Mishler Hawaii/Alaska Statehood medals will be at the Baltimore Coin Show (started today and ends Sunday). The set is 5 coins (aluminum has no serial number). And the price that was provided was fair…

Each coin is NGC graded. The sterling silver is the highest graded….

With this information I retracted my bid….and moved up my Baltimore Coin Show visit to a weeknight rather than a weekend….

Baltimore has always been good to me… My population of 1 release ceremony gold coins that I donated to the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historical Shrine is a good example.