Part 1: The “Wow Purchase”

I’m ecstatic!

I’m about to add two great medals  to my collection.

I’m still working on closing on the purchase (non-auction).

One is a confirmed hold/purchase. The second medal, I finally decided  (about 30 minutes ago) to purchase it.

I cannot disclose the identities of these medals at the time being.

However, I will post images as soon as possible as “The Wow Purchase”.

You will be “wowed” by the world-class  standing and caliber of these medals.

Wonderful News -Royal Hawaiian Mint Selling Previous Inventory

The Royal Hawaiian Mint is selling items of the past at their website. Its hard to believe that they are selling previous inventory. Enjoy the limited bonanza! Hope you have some deep pockets , there are quite a few previous issues being sold! (And its not cheap). Current RHM re-sellers are going into a mild recession…

Update: 10:07 EST – After reviewing RHM inventory I picked up a few low mintage items. I was disappointed that only 2 gold items was being sold (1989 HSNA which I already have and undocumented 1996 1/20 oz)).

Hawaiian Medals on Postal Covers

Medcalf and Russell cataloged only a few of the Hawaiian related medals originally issued on US Postal covers created by the Franklin Mint. In fact, they never acknowledged that these medals were actually part of Postal Covers. Below are the complete set of Franklin Mint’s Hawaii related  Postal Cover medals up to the year 1984. Note the 1984 year,  as the Medcalf and Russell book 2nd edition was published in 1991, hence the unlisted medals identified in this blog entry were mistakenly left out of their book.

Catalog numbers (with images) are from my book The Hawaiiana Numismatist’s Catalog of Franklin Mint Issues Relating to Hawaii  The book is available at Here is a link: I left out the mintage on purpose (actual minatage are in my book)

Medcalf and Russell catalog numbers are in parentheses.

If you only collect Hawaiiana numismatics by the Medcalf and Russell’s book you are missing out on the newly cataloged findings from my book (review the images below).

The envelope’s reverse is a COA. I really don’t understand why collectors discard the COA. A true collector would collect specimens in original envelope/COA. Also, notice the individual covers identified as “First Day of Issue”. These are actually released on the first day of issue of the stamp in Hawaii.

The challenge in collecting these medals was to find broken-up Franklin Mint sets to obtain specimens.  The reward I got was the pleasure in identifying and cataloging  the unlisted medals (and its cover) in my book.

FMR-E04 (2M-337)

FMR-E04 (2M-337)

FMR-E05 (2M-79)

FMR-E05 (2M-79)







FMR-PL01 (2M-375)

FMR-PL01 (2M-375)

FMR-PL24 (2M-351)

FMR-PL24 (2M-351)

Part 2: HONOLULA [sic] Masonic One Penny Error

My thesis about the HONOLULA Masonic One Penny error was the first struck in the series seems to be true. Please read my earlier blog about this topic.

Below are two Masonic Pennies.

Top coin has the spelling error (HONOLULA). The lower coin has the correct spelling.

Top coin has the incorrect spacing  of the letters HON of HONOLULA. The lower coins corrects the spacing.

All other errors are present in both coins.

Also, a new anomaly was identified in the spacing of PENNY in which a larger space is between E and the N.

In conclusion, it can be said that the HONOLULA Masonic One Penny was struck the earliest in the series as corrections started to appear in later versions of the coin. I’m still investigating this series.


The 1975/1976 Kamehameha Sterling Proof Set

Circa 1975 / 1976.  I’m still pondering the idea of getting the coins certified (NGC to remove the coins from the holder).

As previously identified in an earlier blog.

This Kamehameha Proof set contains the rare (only 6 struck) sterling silver Kamehameha I “with welt”, with “AG” and “NO sterling hand punch” (bottom left).

The bottom right coin is the precursor to the 1998 NORFED silver Liberty “shelter system” design.

In all this is a high demand set by both Hawaiiana collectors and NORFED collectors.

The question is do the other “triangle” proof sets contain the remaining 5 Kamehameha I “with welt”, with “AG” and “NO sterling hand punch?


HONOLULA [sic] Masonic One Penny Error

Similar to 2MF-12a (no serifs on numerals). M&R may have not documented 2MF-12a correctly.

Error 1: Misspelled HONOLULU as HONOLULA

Error 2: Comma is used after SEPT

Error 3: Period is used after 14

Error 4: Period is above “o” of No

Too many errors. May have been struck from test dies with resulting in further dies refinement to get final product of 2MF-12.