Possibly Unique 1991 Princess Kaiulani Gold Akahi Crown

This is a beautiful addition to my Hawaiiana Gold collection. She was received this afternoon. This beauty was purchased from the Hawaiian Island Stamp and Coin located in Honolulu, Hawaii. A new World Coin identifier (Krause) is required as this  First Day Issue counterstamp 1991 Princess Kaiulani Gold Akahi Crown does not have a Krause catalog number, however the coin without the counterstamp is  a X# MB60.


She is a perfect match for her sister X# MB60 that is also in my collection.







Unlisted: Save the Ocean in 24K Gold

Unlisted in Waifs in Gold Boots (Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) database). High probability that this was a made for jewelry striking. However, any 24kt gold striking by the RHM is a great collection addition for the modern day Hawaiiana specialist.

Striking is estimated 1994 or later (Save the Ocean design was first introduced in 1994).


Trademark Symbol Added Today

Trademark superscript symbol was added to protect brand name of The Hawaiiana Numismatist ™ ;

A trademark is a brand name. A trademark or service mark includes any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish the goods/services of one seller or provider from those of others, and to indicate the source of the goods/services.

“The mark has become distinctive of the goods/services, as demonstrated by the dated evidence.”

08/13/2012 – Free WordPress blog was establish. No entries made in 2012. thehawaiiananumismatist.wordpress.com (this is Hawaiiana)

08/13/2012 – Free WordPress blog was establish. No entries made in 2012. http://thehawaiiannumismatist.wordpress.com/ (this is Hawaiian NOT Hawaiiana)

03/03/2013 – The Hawaiiana Numismatist first blog entry

03/10/2013 – Premium Wordpress account established (more development features and larger storage capacity for images) .  The domain address thehawaiiananumismatist.com was also purchased.

12/19/2014  – The Hawaiiana Numismatist ™ being initiated in use to notify the public of this unique identity. Intent is to provide a claim of this identity and distinguish it from those of others.

12/19/2014 – Purchased http://www.thehawaiiannumismatist.com/  (this is Hawaiian Not Hawaiiana) to block out potential competitors

Franklin Mint: States of the Union Treasures




Spotty medal from Franklin Mint sold today. I was hesitate in buying due to condition (offer made and rejected).  Medal is from the State of the Union Treasure series. From my  previous communication with the seller (no response), I requested images of the medal as he listed the entire set. I was to provide credit in my book (Franklin Mint Medals Relating to Hawaii) as I did not have an image. Now that he has broken up the set and images are public domain I will incorporate it in the next book revision.

Now Online: English/Hawaiian Translation Listing of Commonly Used Words/Phrases on Hawaiian Numismatics

A new link was added to the “About” page (flagged with banner “Updated 12/15/2014  —————————–Start”)

This document was created by Garry Moore with the purpose:

To foster a better understanding of Hawaiian Numismatics through the native Hawaiian language. Outlined below is a list of commonly used English/ Hawaiian numismatic-related words or phrases and their translations.”

The actual link to the document is also provided below:


Thank you Garry for your contribution !

First Hawaiian Center Dedication Medal

I added obverse and reverse images of the First Hawaiian Center dedication medal to the First Hawaiian Center Wikipedia page


Click the medal image to get information about the medal.

The medal is in my collection. When I purchased the medal it was misidentified as a service award. A quick check of the building name indicated it was built in 1996 and corresponded with a Hawaii Star Bulletin write-up (below). Key item of interest is that First Hawaiian Center is the tallest building in the State of Hawai’i.


Competitive NGC Registry Sets Relating to State of Hawaii

Currently, there are are NO  competitive NGC Registry sets relating to the State of Hawaii. The Kingdom of Hawaii has three such sets:


There is a possibility to create several State of Hawaii sets. I have contacted NGC today (via email) making a formal request based on the following information from the NGC website:


What coins are eligible for the NGC Registry?

All NGC-certified coins are eligible for the NGC Registry, although there are not Competitive Sets for every coin. You may request a new Competitive Set by emailing Registry@NGCcoin.com. US Competitive Sets and all Custom Sets accept both NGC- and PCGS-certified coins. World Competitive Sets accept only NGC-certified coins.


1) Hawaii Statehood Medals. From the NGC Bibliography (America Overseas Territories) Hawaiian Money by Medcalf & Russell. I request 2MS-1 though 2MS-20 inclusive be created as a Hawaii Statehood Medal Competitive Registry Set.

2) Hawaii Undated So-Called Dollars. So-Called Dollars as listed in Hibler & Kappen. I request HK-721 though HK-723 inclusive be created as a Hawaii Undated So Called Dollar Competitive Registry Set.

3) Alaska-Hawaii Statehood (combined) 1959 (Mishler Issue) So-Called Dollars. So-Called Dollars as listed in Hibler & Kappen. I request HK-528 though HK-537 inclusive be created as an Alaska-Hawaii Statehood (combined) 1959 (Mishler Issue) So Called Dollars Competitive Registry Set.

4) Hawaii Statehood 1959 So-Called Dollars. So-Called Dollars as listed in Hibler & Kappen. I request HK-547 though HK-551 inclusive be created as a Hawaii Statehood 1959 So-Called Dollars Competitive Registry Set.

These have a good change in becoming Competitive NGC Registry sets.  The following are examples of subset sets (large sets are reduced to a particular focused collecting area).

If you are interested please e-mail NGC at Registry@NGCcoin.com.