Missed Opportunity …


For the true Hawaiian historian, a piece of Hawaiiana slipped passed for only $405.

From the auction listing:

“Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society silver cup awarded to L.L. Torbert for the most productive acre of sugar cane, August 1851.  His name is not engraved on the cup, but the cup was out of his estate.  The engraving on the cup reads: Awarded/By The/ Royal Hawaiian Agricultural Society / August MDCCCLI.  The cup is in nice condition, with slight wear from age, showing natural patina. The cup measures 4 3/4 inches in height and is approx. 3½ inches across the top.”

Turn to page 14 of Medcalf & Russell. Linton Torbert is listed.


2nd Place Overall – Whitman Expo Spring Baltimore

My five display case entry (titled: U.S. Mint: The POTUS Appreciation Medal Series) won 2nd place  overall at the Whitman Expo in Baltimore. The 2nd place prize was a 1997 $10 Proof Platinum Eagle.

This was my first-ever numismatic entry in a coin show (I have previous experience with philately entries at stamp shows). The hardest part of the display was to reveal the story without referencing my book (display owner must not be identified). The prominent piece of the display was the June 1960 Hawaii medal (aka M&R 2M-94 or DDE-08) that initiated me to start the research.

Overall, the judges were impressed with the research results and the display. They were really impressed that this was my first ever numismatic entry. Points were taken away with due to some technical display errors.

Now that I have judging feedback, I’m looking at improving the display and re-entering the display with modifications.

From the research aspect of the display, I was offered the opportunity to be a guest speaker at upcoming coin show. This is a good opportunity to get the word out about my newly discovered U.S. Mint medal series.

Several of the judges recommended that (with display improvements) I should enter the display at the national level (an ANA show). I will, if my schedule permits.



Royal Hawaiian Mint is NOT Out of Business

I apologize for the incorrect reporting. It was based on two factors:

1) Website being inoperable for several days (Magento page show in replacement. This is an eBay inc. company which should have similar operational reliability as the eBay web site).

2) BBB reporting it http://www.bbb.org/hawaii/business-reviews/coins-and-tokens-manufacturers/royal-hawaiian-mint-in-evansville-in-53046142/ . (This is an old entry that is still posted.)

Mr. Fleck was the first person to identify the incorrect post and soon after both blog entries were deleted. Mr. Moore also reported the incorrect post. Thank you both.

The automatic emails that were sent out still retained the incorrect blog entries and circulated with a copy of the blog entries. These emails could not be recalled.

Mr. Fleck reached out to the site manager (which did not know the website was down) on 4/5/2015.

Apparently, there was some good that came from the incorrect blog entries in notifying the site manager of the website being down.

Hawaiian Royalty and Pearl Harbor Coin Set Silver and Bronze

I might order me a set.

Both the Kalakaua and Liliuokalani obverse dies were previously used to strike both gold and silver coins (The Honolulu Mint). Now its being struck in bronze. The reverse “Hawaiian islands” die was also used on the endangered species coins.


There are also several versions of the Saint Marianne and Saint Damien medals  being offered.