Royal Museum Needs Help

MEC2117 (link is on the left)

I assisted.

32 mm is known only to be struck in bright bronze. This white metal specimen is unknown and not previously documented.

Issued in 1976 by the Hawaiian Trading Company. Designed by Jim Dean. Engraver is E.W (only initials known). Speculative belief of HM hallmark is that it stands for “The Hamilton Mint”.

Reference  (ISBN provided in actual reply to the Royal Museums Greenwich)

Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog “Second Edition” by Medcalf and Russell. 2M-62 (32 mm bright bronze).

The Faces of Captain Cook by Allan Klenman. K91B (32 mm bright bronze).


Ebates, eBay Bucks, and Princess Kaiulani

I recommend that you join both programs if you have not done so.

As an example, I’ve been giving this specimen some hard looks Proof gold 1 oz Princess Kaiulani

Current Price is $1,550

-Ebates 10% holiday special ($155.00)

-eBay bucks ($31.00)

If I win this auction the price will be $1364 (after refunds from both Ebates and eBay bucks).

Oh well, I have not moved on this coin since I already own the 1991 Princess Kaiulani proof gold set.

By the way, a Hawaii based dealer is offering a similiar coin for for roughtly $1000 more. Proof gold 1 oz Princess Kaiulani

Why the Princess Kaiulani interest?

I’m planning to ramp-up my writing on the Royal Hawaiian Mint issues of the Princess Kaiulani coins. This book is roughly 75% complete but was placed on hold due to the Presidential Medal of Appreciation series book release and related MoneyTalk presentation. I actually had a presentation scheduled at another coin show in late October, but had to cancel due to my father’s health. I’m looking forward in having this book released in 2016.





Re: Royal Hawaiian Mint Vault Special


If you snooze, you loose!

Logged on to my computer this morning to find out that 3 of the 5 vault specials were sold out.

Just a recap of the vault specials using the Krause Publication (KP) identifiers (from the KP book: Unusual World Coins).

1991 US Eagle with Kalakaua/Pearl Harbor Counterstamp. This is X# MB69.

1993 US Peace Silver Dollar with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is unlisted.

1993 US Morgan Silver Dollar with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is X# MB74.

1993 US Eagle with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is X# MB72.

2007 $20 Kalakaua with Liliuokalani counterstamp. This is unlisted.