Ebates, eBay Bucks, and Princess Kaiulani

I recommend that you join both programs if you have not done so.

As an example, I’ve been giving this specimen some hard looks Proof gold 1 oz Princess Kaiulani

Current Price is $1,550

-Ebates 10% holiday special ($155.00)

-eBay bucks ($31.00)

If I win this auction the price will be $1364 (after refunds from both Ebates and eBay bucks).

Oh well, I have not moved on this coin since I already own the 1991 Princess Kaiulani proof gold set.

By the way, a Hawaii based dealer is offering a similiar coin for for roughtly $1000 more. Proof gold 1 oz Princess Kaiulani

Why the Princess Kaiulani interest?

I’m planning to ramp-up my writing on the Royal Hawaiian Mint issues of the Princess Kaiulani coins. This book is roughly 75% complete but was placed on hold due to the Presidential Medal of Appreciation series book release and related MoneyTalk presentation. I actually had a presentation scheduled at another coin show in late October, but had to cancel due to my father’s health. I’m looking forward in having this book released in 2016.





Re: Royal Hawaiian Mint Vault Special


If you snooze, you loose!

Logged on to my computer this morning to find out that 3 of the 5 vault specials were sold out.

Just a recap of the vault specials using the Krause Publication (KP) identifiers (from the KP book: Unusual World Coins).

1991 US Eagle with Kalakaua/Pearl Harbor Counterstamp. This is X# MB69.

1993 US Peace Silver Dollar with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is unlisted.

1993 US Morgan Silver Dollar with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is X# MB74.

1993 US Eagle with Aloha Money counterstamp. This is X# MB72.

2007 $20 Kalakaua with Liliuokalani counterstamp. This is unlisted.