Hawaiian Items and NGC Census

One of the problems with Hawaiian numismatics is its outdated reference books and/or the lack of a reference books for newer or previously unlisted items. This is a major hindrance.  Is any one of the coin clubs in Hawaii undertaking this effort or advocating the need for this effort?

It’s like using a 1991 Kelley Blue Book (vehicle valuation guidebook) to obtain a value estimate for a  2016 Mazda Miata…

It’s like having a 1991 road map in the year 2016 ….

It’s like picking a 2016 stock with only information from 1991 …

It’s like being stuck with a 1991 wardrobe in the year 2016 …

Enough with my rant.

NGC census has provided a few items of note based on items that were encapsulated/graded:

Royal Hawaiian Mint (ugh…only a partial listing)


Medallic Art Medals


As an update, I’m still pushing forward with my  Princess Kaiulani book relating to the Royal Hawaiian Mint issues. All known issues are cataloged and I’m working on the individual pictures.



Franklin Mint Ingot-Royal Seal Number 3

From the book : Hawaiiana Numismatic Issues from The Franklin Mint: Medals, Coins, and Ingots (https://www.amazon.com/Hawaiiana-Numismatic-Issues-Franklin-Mint/dp/150772554X)

“The following ingots depict royal seals of the Kingdom of Hawaii. These royal seals are not classified as a Franklin Mint round (FMR) due to the lack of a relief (raised) design on the reverse. The reverse of the ingot has an incuse negative impression of the obverse design (a thin planchet is struck between two exact dies to form the seal).”