Initials “LB” on Royal Hawaiian Mint Issues

It took some time for me to figure this out (slaps forehead). I should have been more observant. The initials LB stand for designer Luigi Badia.

I know of two RHM products with his initials on the obverse.

1992 dated Princess Kaiulani 1/10 oz  silver

1991 King Kalakaua Akahi Dala 1/oz silver


new discovery

Here is a plaster model  of the obverse die with the LB initials.


1994 Dated Princess Kaiulani Aloha Dala

A previous undocumented 1994 Dated Princess Kaiulani Dala variety was identified. Undocumented in RHM database and my draft Princess Kaiulani book.  The COA indicates it was struck in 2010. I just purchased two for my wife’s Princess Kaiulani collection. Three were being sold on eBay by Hawaiian Island Stamp and Coin. As of 2/17/2017, 8:40 Pm EST one is still available.

There are a total of six types of 1994 dated Princess Kaiulani 39 mm silver dala. Each is identified by its reverse die.

  1. Reverse: Akahi Dala
  2. Reverse: Princess Dala
  3. Reverse: Hawaii Dala
  4. Reverse: Mahalo Dala
  5. Reverse: $10 Dala
  6. Reverse: Aloha Dala

PCGS 2M-286 and PCGS 2M-287

Heritage Auction results…

It’s ironic that the 2M-287 LILIVOCALANIA DEI-GRATIA in 14 KT gold was the last auction lot for the  January 17, 2017 Heritage Auction.

On January 17, 1893 was the overthrow of Kingdom of Hawaii and Queen Liliʻuokalani was the last reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

PCGS 2M-286 sold for $140  (1991 M&R $50)

PCGS 2M-287 sold for $750 (1991 M&R $300)