Part 3: New Hawaii Error Identified (Honolulu Mint)

Currently, only two GOLD errors are known (serial # 2023 and #2119). Check your coins and let me know what you find…The serial # is on the COA and not on the coin.

Serial # 2119 was first sold on eBay back in 2011.  I recently purchased Serial #2119 in September 2014.

Serial #2023. I also recently acquired Serial 2023 in September 2014.

Here are known Serial # of  the correct silver version

59, 580, 993, 1073, 1232, and 5044.

5044? Yes, I checked the serial# of a  coin already in my collection. I also have another without COA. The coin without a COA  is in a different capsule.

The question now. Did The Honolulu Mint catch the error and only let a few slip into their inventory or did they strike coins for the life of the die?

Based on my findings I say that they caught the error and had a few slipped into their inventory.  I located 18 sales of the SILVER variety and only 3 sales of the GOLD variety (counting the two sales of serial #2119).

Images of the four coins in my collection.



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