Hammer price was $483.

Except there was a problem…

RHM database and MR book indicates that the coin is serial numbered from 1 to 78. This coin is not serial numbered.

According to RHM database, the mintage for this coin is 43 !

M&R indicates a mintage of 66!

The rarity of the coin was incorrectly stated in the ad….( I would use the direct source (RHM database) as the more accurate mintage (43 without serialized number).






Oh really? 1991 Kalakaua Silver Akahi Dala *** Mintage only 450 ***

An eBay seller (with headline 1991 Kalakaua Silver Akahi Dala *** Mintage only 450 *** ) used the Royal Hawaiian Mint’s online database. Seller claims mintage of 450. If you read how many are in the 1991 Hawaiian Regency Set, the total now becomes 1,350.  

The key point of this blog is to not just look at a single line from the database. One must look for sets and include those totals. In some cases, the database does correctly indicate sets included. So watch out…

Mintages aside, this is the first Kalakaua coin to have the added initials “wb” under Kalakaua’s bust. I have examined a specimen from the 1991 Hawaiian Regency set and can confirm the “wb” initials are also on these coins. Also, just above the “wb” are the new RHM hallmark initials on the King’s bust.

Here is a link to my earlier blog describing this find.