Unlisted: Save the Ocean in 24K Gold

Unlisted in Waifs in Gold Boots (Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) database). High probability that this was a made for jewelry striking. However, any 24kt gold striking by the RHM is a great collection addition for the modern day Hawaiiana specialist.

Striking is estimated 1994 or later (Save the Ocean design was first introduced in 1994).


Royal Hawaiian Mint Gold Ingot

In 1992, the Royal Hawaiian Mint issued three designs for the 1 gram gold ingots. Mintage is 300 each. Each is listed in Waifs in Gold Boots (Royal Hawaiian Mint database). Two are currently being sold at the RHM website

Kamehameha http://www.royalhawaiianmint.com/catalog/jewelry/golf-kine-kamehameha-ingot-rope-pendant.html

Aloha Diamond Head http://www.royalhawaiianmint.com/catalog/jewelry/gold-aloha-ingot-rope-pendant.html

Hula Dancer: Currently none being sold by RHM

Royal Hawaiian Mint – 1992 Gold Salute 1/10 Ounce Gold

The Hawaiiana Numismatic buying frenzy on eBay missed this gem.

It was also missed by Liberty Dollar collectors.

A scant mintage of 20 by the Royal Hawaiian Mint.

Yes…only 20 specimens struck.

From my research, this coin is the precursor to the NORFED Miss Liberty obverse design by Bernard von NotHaus.

In 1998, the first NORFED Liberty Dollars were issued (listed in the RHM database as 1998 Silver Liberty with Shelter System’s logo).