(Off topic) My 1964-P First Day Issue Kennedy Half Dollar

CoinWeek reported that NGC has certified a sealed bag of 1964-D Kennedy half-dollars and will be the only Kennedy half dollars with a First Day of Issue designation. https://coinweek.com/modern-coins/ngc-certifies-bag-of-first-day-of-issue-1964-d-kennedy-half-dollars-for-rare-collectibles-tv/?fbclid=IwAR0df9kJo2_o-wMa22gWljXgrWdgSu8X9OZKDOi9HHKM58_mGxpEJAgO6HA

I wonder how the collector world take the news that I have  President Johnson gifted First Day Issue 1964-P Kennedy half dollar.

In any case, I look forward in obtaining a companion 1964-D FDI for my 1964-P FDI.