Hawaii the 49th State! 2M-391 (aka HK-722b So Called Dollar)

I received my 2M-391 or better known as the Hawaii 4-9 error. This medal is also collected by So Called Dollar specialist and is known as HK-722b and has a R-6 Fuld rarity scale ranking (21 – 75 are estimated to exist).

“The 49th State” text is the error and was pulled from distribution. This one got away. If you review the So Called Dollar  reference book by Hibler and Kappen, you will see the 49 punched out and left with a gaping hole. My specimen is intact. There is also HK-722 and HK-722a with the same error (different metal composition) and their population is in the low single digits.

I am sad to say that my medal received a AU Details grade, however the 2M-391/ HK-722b NGC population remains at zero. My coin is disqualified in the population count as its classified as AU Details.

Still, this is the first 2M-391/ HK-722b  to be made publically available for viewing. So…feast your eyes!

As for the conservation effort by Numismatic Conservation Services, I’m happy in the results  as seen in the image below.