New Finds (Plural) – Attack on Pearl Harbor

2M-211(bronze)  has three other companion medals.  The three are currently unlisted in M&R.

As the M&R did not provide a bronze mintage figure, a THN catalog number is assigned. And to keep the medal’s design elements in a cohesive group, the 13 mm are assigned consecutive THN catalog numbers.

As a note, the 13mm specimens exhibit the same design elements as in the larger medals, but the text has removed on the obverse (see picture). In addition, the text on the reverse of the 13mm  has been simplified, text matches the obverse of the 45 mm (but not the location), and is placed in the center.

  • THN-FM-HUS-06, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 45mm , sterling silver, proof,  mintage 10,000
  • THN-FM-HUS-07, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 45mm , bronze, proof,  mintage 24,836
  • THN-FM-HUS-08, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 45mm , platinum, proof,  mintage 1
  • THN-FM-HUS-09, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 13mm , 24KT gold, proof,  mintage 63
  • THN-FM-HUS-10, Attack on Pearl Harbor, 13mm , sterling silver, proof,  mintage 5,128

Image lacks the 24 KT 13mm medal and the platinum 45 mm (who owns it?)

More information is to be provided in my book (source of medals, minter, years of distribution, etc…).