Prices on the Royal Hawaiian Mint Counter-Stamp Products

I’ve been gauging the market on Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) products at a well known online auction site. Several  of the counter-stamp items  are being offered over the $1000 threshold.  It seems that the sellers perceive these are rare products.  Let’s see what the market can bear for price?

However, let the buyer beware. Do your research!

Below is my research on the 1991 Hawaii Princess Dala (aka Princess Kaiulani Heir Apparent).  Mintage is 1,100. Only 340 were counter-stamped.  Current catalog value for counter-stamp variety is $85.00 (eighty-five dollars, not a typo). This is approximately a 1176.47%  price difference for a December 2012 catalog value and the current auction price listing.  Let me spell it out….P R I C E  <space> G O U G I N G! (I’m also guilty with auction items that are hard to replace after its sold…)

Sorry, the sources are kept confidential for my research/writing.

Using the Fuld rarity scale. The series is a R-3 (501- 2000) specimens. The counter-stamp variety is an R-4 (201 -500) specimens.

Unless you have money to burn…the $1000 for an R-4 specimen is too high for my budget.

Below are images of other RHM counter-stamp products.

RHM Counter-Stamp Products

New topic …. (Just a note on my part)

There is a R-9 (2 – 4 specimens) Platinum Puela pattern being offered  slightly above $4,000  at this online website. My research indicates his mark-up is $2,870  after owning the piece for little over 5 years:

sources ….   2013 want price and 2008 purchase price (note the seller choice of ID match).

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