Royal Hawaiian Mint Mintage/Prices – Buyer Beware

I really hate to see fellow collectors being taken advantage of at a well known auction site (i.e. ebay). You can see the high prices being set by dealers for Royal Hawaiian Mint coins.  Are the dealers really gouging the unsuspecting collector? Check out the prices/mintages and come to your own conclusions….

In that light here are a few references that Hawaiiana collectors  should be aware of….

(1) This is the Royal Hawaiian Mint database (no prices but mintage figures and description can help you determine the rarity)

(2) This is a book that covers some of the years missing from the Royal Hawaiian Mint database. Has prices and mintage for the key Royal Hawaiian Mint  coins. Unusual World Coins by George S. Cuhaj, starting on  page 297…

(3) For the Royal Hawaiian Mint gold coin collector. World Gold Coins by George S. Cuhaj, starting on  page 725 …

(4) For NGC information of the Royal Hawaiian Mint google ngc x# mb125 (where the x# mb125 is the catalog number in item number (2) or (3) above. NGC actually uses the database (item 5 below).

Here is an example for the x# mb125

(5) The provides the information to NGC (sign up for free to get access)

Lastly, to straighten out the misinformation (by sellers) of the NORFED issues. Item 2’s  book. Look on page 685 for the designated NORFED issues (in addition to page 312 bottom right).

Good luck on your Royal Hawaiian Mint search.

Title of Draft Book is … The Hawaiiana Numismatist: Alapi’i Collecting the Franklin Mint Issues

Here are excerpts from my draft book, volume 1. Click each to enlarge….

Excerpt 1 from the draft book

Excerpt 2 from the draft book…This is a good example of the error in the M&R book.

There are 5 medals  ( THN-FM-HUS-06 thru THN-FM-HUS-10) for the 1941 Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor medals series  (as compared to one mentioned in the  M&R as 2M-211). The mintage looks high, but you have to consider that the mint figures are for sets. These sets must be broken up to obtain the desired specimen.

Another example with the M&R book, 2M-162 (39mm Bronze). M&R indicates a mintage of  1,303. True mintage is 155. M&R reverse a few mintage figures. Below is the true mintages.

Excerpt 3 from the draft book

As further proof, here is link that will verify the mintages (I used a book  for my mintages that matches this webpage)

Below is a Governor’s Edition Bronze that I cannibalised for the 39 mm Hawaii Bronze.  Imagine that. Only 155 sets made and who in their right mind would break the set? I still need to sell the other 49 medals from this set (it has a really nice wooden display case).

24 KT on Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, and Bronze

24 KT on Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, and Bronze

1941 – Dated Pearl Harbor Medal

I still like the fact that this is the first numismatic item to depict the Empire of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and the coins were struck and made available 69 days after the tragic event.

Previous research I completed for my 1941 – dated Pearl Harbor medal set can be read at

High grade specimen in my collection…

Ad that dates the coin’s availability 69 days after the attack.


Why my interest in Pearl Harbor coins, medals, and or tokens? While in high school I would look out the class window during and see the US Navy ships leave and enter. My high school was next to Pearl Harbor.