Hawaii the 49th State Error Medal

This is an update about the So-Called Dollar HK-722 Series HK-722, (HK-722A, and HK-722B).  They are also listed in M&R as 2M-390, 2M-391 and 2M-392. The given descriptive name is Souvenir of Hawaii,  Statue of King Kamehameha. Collectors do get confused with the Souvenir of Honolulu version (HK-723 or  2M-393).

How rare is the 49th State Error?

http://www.socalleddollar.com/study2ndED.html John Raymond has complied a tabulation of sales from 1975 – 2000. Sales of HK-722, HK-722A, and HK-722B are zero.


Image (click to enlarge)  is taken from NGC US Coin Census to show that HK-722B is not listed and the extreme rarity of HK-722 and HK-722A.


Image below is a  HK-722B in my collection. It took some time to locate one. This HK-722B has undergone conservation as it suffered from bronze  disease. It’s still a hard medal to locate.

hk722xx hk722xxx