1982 vs 1983 Obverse: Kamehameha I Reverse:The Hawaiian Mint $

No definitive markers can be identified at this time to differentiate the 1982 and 1983 issues of  Kamehameha I Obverse with The Hawaiian Mint Reverse die pairs.

The 1982 issue has a mintage of 250.

The 1983 issue has a mintage of 500.

I require additional pictures of each to truly compare the two years.

In the mean time,  I located a denticle anomaly in the bronze issue on three different coins. Markers are three lower denticles. One has an extended height. And to the left of it are two lowered height. Silver version is indeterminate at this time (need additional pictures) . The extended  denticle can be seen, however the one of the two lowered denticle can be seen (reflection on the far left?)