“Looks like he did…” 1986 Iolani Palace Jubilee Medal by The Hawaiian Mint

The Hawaiian Mint (THM) 1986 Iolani Palace Jubilee Medal in bronze was  struck in 1986 and 1998. How does one tell the difference between the two?

If you consider the transition of the name of the mint (TNM, THM, and RHM) you can suspect why it “looks like he did…” He did something. He is  BVN (a.k.a. “the minter”).  12-years had elapsed between the two  strikings. A change in the mint’s name occurred and he did it…

He removed the THM initials (right side bottom of Iolani Palace) in the 1998 struck 1986 Iolani Palace Jubilee Medals. Yes he did … as the picture below  shows.

There are also other markers that can be used to lay claim that it was struck in 1998 struck (will not reveal until I study them more).

The public accessible RHM mintage information is incorrect. This is a new discovery and you read/saw it being documented here first!

1998 Struck (no mint initials)

1998 Struck (no mint initials). Population 200.

1986 struck with THM initials.

1986 struck with THM initials. Population 500.

1986 proof strike with intials

1986 proof strike with initials. Population 500.