My Undated Hawaii So Called Dollar Type Set

I added larger pictures to my type set….

HK-721, HK-722B, and HK-723

I’m looking for Non-details coin replacements. However, the two at the AU grade are sill desirable.

Below is a HK-721 in VF35 (Possibly the only one with a 2M-329 NGC label.  This VF35 is not in the NGC  population report for HK-721)


2007 – Long Beach, CA Heritage Signature Coin Auction 430, part of lot 41

2011 – November private sale from Jeff Shevlin (former ANA Executive Director, so called dollar expert)

2012 – NGC graded/encapsulated Dr Darryl Collection


RHM New Variety – 1993 King Kamehameha Sovereign 1 oz Silver

I discovered a new variety in the 1993 King Kamehameha Sovereign 1 oz silver issued by the Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM). This is a Large  and Small Weight/Fineness variety.

Small Weight/Fineness Variety

Small Weight/Fineness Variety

Large Weight/Fineness Variety

Large Weight/Fineness Variety

I surmised this new variety by examining a handful specimens from the individual 1993 Hawaii Sovereign Proof (single coin in silver box), 1993 Overthrow Sovereign Set (two coins in in blue case), 1993 Official Hawaiian Sovereign Gold & Silver Proof Set, and a few loose coins (no box or COA).

First things first. The 1993 Hawaii Sovereign Proof in silver box comes with the Hawaiian Sovereign cardboard COA or the Overthrow Dala cardboard COA.

I’m not sure which came first (small vs large variety) at this time….or which is rarer…

Below is a large variety specimen from the 1993 gold/silver Sovereign set. Also note the serial number on the canoe to identify its pedigree (what proof set it came from).



Picture of small variety below….


I VCP these Hawaiian Beauties Today

Located an interesting website and  Virtually Cherry Picked (VCP)  these beauties.  Prices were a steal (when compared to eBay). Each were under catalog value.  Only one each was available at the website (I tried to order 2 each but could not).

This an X# 12


This is an unlisted by NGC, however it was struck in 2000.


Finally this is X# MB100


Honolulu Mint – 1989 Chinese in Hawaii Bicentennial Medal

I decided to purchase a silver 1989 Chinese in Hawaii Bicentennial coin (2M-45) even though it does not match the picture (2M-45) in the M&R guidebook. This is my third go around to investigate this coin online. It is highly likely that the M&R picture is incorrect.


The compelling points to purchase:

1. Proper copyright by Honolulu Mint designer. The © SL can be seen above Chinese. SL is for Steven Lee.

Steven Lee, an award winning jewelry designer, founded the Honolulu Mint in 1985. Lee applied his expertise and artistry to first produce a line of coin and ingot jewelry featuring Hawaiian Royalty. Steven Lee was trained at the US government San Francisco Mint where the nations’ proof-quality commemorative coins are minted. There he studied press design and minting operations. An avid collector of historical and numismatic collectibles, Lee has also engineered and built a number of minting presses.  Source:

The © SL can also bee seen several Hawaiian coins, medals, and bullion bars.

sl1 sl2

2. Proper reference to creating the Chinese in Hawaii Bicentennial Celebration medal is online.

In 1989, a joint effort between the Governor’s commission and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce sought to produce a coin for the bi-centennial of the Chinese arrival to the Hawaiian Islands. The Honolulu Mint submitted designs and proposals as did many other mints. Ultimately, the Honolulu Mint was chosen as the best company to produce these commemoratives. The resulting coins, minted in pure silver, were an instant success and eagerly sought after by collectors. Source:

The 1989 Chinese In Hawaii Bicentennial medal is most  likely the launch coin/medal for the Honolulu Mint making it very desirable to collectors.

3. Actual mintage of the silver 39 mm medal is unknown

However, I did locate additional information on 2M-48 and 2M-49 and its very limited.

“Two 1989 Bicentennial Medals celebrating 200 years of the Chinese in Hawaii. The medals were struck by the Honolulu Mint and are 39.2 mm. in diameter. One is struck in .9999 gold and the other in .999 silver, both containing one troy pound of their respective metals. The gold medallion is number nine of just ten pieces minted and the silver is number 47 of 50. A beautiful and valuable offering.” Source:

This is interesting in that the diameter is 39.2mm and weight 1 troy pound(12 troy oz)

4. It will interesting to examine the coin in person. Another website provides its physical properties:

  • 39.2mm Diameter
  • 2.9mm Thickness
  • Reeded Edge
  • 31.1g Total Gram Weight (~1 oz)

5. Image of the coin’s design  in a Honolulu Mint advertisement (not sure about the gold trim on the coin). Design is there and the SL initials are there.:

1982 vs 1983 Obverse: Kamehameha I Reverse:The Hawaiian Mint $

No definitive markers can be identified at this time to differentiate the 1982 and 1983 issues of  Kamehameha I Obverse with The Hawaiian Mint Reverse die pairs.

The 1982 issue has a mintage of 250.

The 1983 issue has a mintage of 500.

I require additional pictures of each to truly compare the two years.

In the mean time,  I located a denticle anomaly in the bronze issue on three different coins. Markers are three lower denticles. One has an extended height. And to the left of it are two lowered height. Silver version is indeterminate at this time (need additional pictures) . The extended  denticle can be seen, however the one of the two lowered denticle can be seen (reflection on the far left?)