1991 Kaiulani 21mm (size of 1/4 oz gold) Bronze Pattern

New acquisition. Undocumented die paring. 1/4 oz gold obverse paired with a new (unrecognized) reverse die. Very crisp strike on a polished bronze planchet.

I believe this is a bronze pattern and was to be struck/may have been struck in gold.

I contacted the seller prior to bidding and he assured me that Telle Presley (co-founder of Royal Hawaiian Mint) confirmed it was struck in bronze. Unfortunately. no mintage numbers. However, this coin completes my 1991 Kaiulani Design metal type collection (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). There is only 1 documented bronze striking of the 1991 Kaiulani design, but luckily this pattern appeared.

1991 Kaiulani 21mm (size of 1/4 oz gold) Bronze Pattern