Identifying the 1981 Liliuokalani IKI

Die match of Liliuokalani IKI (in gold) and counterstamp on 1982 Kala Dala.

Many Hawaiiana collectors get confused with the 13 mm gold Liliuokalani issues (even M&R with their indicated mintage of 2000 for 2MB-171).

This picture is of the first Liliuokalani IKI. The counterstamp identifies it. The Kalakaua crest confirms it (crest as seen on the 1883 Kalakaua coinage).

The 1982 Liliuokalani  13mm gold further confirms it. The 1982 IKI  has a “Hawaiian crest” (see page 136 of M&R of image 2MB-150…design used in 1982 ). RHM publicly available mintage information should read “Hawaiian Island crest”.


Identifying the 1981 Liliuokalani IKI