Later Date Royal Hawaiian Mint Products

Noticed a few later date RHM products being incorrectly identifed on eBay. Later date are those produced after BVNH retired.

RHM owners are reusing original dies mated with modified and/or new dies. Seems individuals are looking at the obverse date and assuming its the original issue year. Sadly, they are mistaken.

If you read the RHM section in M&R, a statement is made that RHM never destroys dies. Therefore, all RHM dies are available and they are reusable.

If you study the die pairs being offered you can spot the die reuse.

Major collector issue is the possibilty of restriking previously low mintage coins from the original dies. If it does happen, the RHM products will only be worth its bullion value.

I recommend checking the hallmarks on both the obverse and reverse. I previously made a blog entry on RHM hallmarks.