Doing my Princess Kaiulani homework … A New Variety Discovery

When I inspect a coin,  I look at it as if it is a new specimen.

I identify anything that is out of the ordinary in its physical attributes.

I then refer to its reference listing (guidebook or catalog) to place a judgment on purchasing the coin.

I did this on a coin a few minutes ago and could not believe no one else caught the significance of this coin on eBay. So I purchased it….

The coin is a 1994 Princess Victoria Kaiulani Dala. Yes, it looks like an ordinary silver proof 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala. I spotted something unusual and needed verification.

I reviewed the  publicly available Royal Hawaiian Mint’s catalog and immediately purchased the coin.

There is an error in the publicly available Royal Hawaiian Mint’s information. The error is somewhat significant as a new Kaiulani variety is now correctly identified.

The error with the RHM catalog is that the reverse is identified as a “Princess Dala”. The specimen I purchases has an “Akahi Dala” reverse. At first I believed it was a mule. But if you read the RHM’s catalog carefully. Two rows above the 1994 Kaiulani Dala listing you can see what RHM did. They also used similar reverses and called it a “Hawaii Dala” and “Aloha Dala”. So what does this means?

The 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala has an”Akahi Dala” variety and a “Princess Dala” variety.

If you inspect the 1994 Kaiulani Gold & Silver set you will see a “Princess Dala” reverse. What does this mean?

RHM indicates a total mintage of the 1994 Princess Kaiulani “Princess Dala” is 1,620, in reality its 950. The 1994 Princess Kaiulani “Akahi Dala” mintage is 670. Both mintages must be separated as they are different coins.

The publicly available RHM catalog is once again incorrect. You now know there are two varieties of 1994 Princess Kaiulani Dala and you read it here first…

The 1994 Princess Kaiulani Akahi Dala with COA no. 1370 was used to identify the Akahi Dala variety.

1994 Kaiulani

In closing there are no errors in the total mintage for the following coins based on this initial findings:

1994 Kalakaua Silver Hawaii Dala (gold & silver sets reflect the Hawaii Dala reverse)

1994 Liliuokalani Silver Aloha Dala (gold & silver sets reflect the Aloha Dala reverse)