New Princess Kaiulani Silver 1/10 ounce Die Discovery

Identified a new die variety on the 1992 dated Princess Kaiulani 1/10 oz silver.

New initials located on the bottom left of her neck. Initials seems to be an “W” laying over the letter “b” with the lower part of the “W” sharing the middle part  of the letter “b”.

The 1992 dated design is bold and the Princess has more dept. Her cheeks are rounder.

As you can see from the top two coins,  die deterioration has occurred (RHM on bottom, “APPARENT”, and “1891”).

When comparing the top coin with the middle, you can see that the same reverse die was used with the middle coin having more detail deterioration.

As for the new die, this is the first time I have held and studied the coin. Coin detail is beautiful and frosted on the design elements.

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Additional platinum and gold 1/10 Kaiulani coins. On the gold 1/10 oz, notice the die deterioration in “E” of APPARENT, “8” of 1891, and RHM under HAWAII