Possible Test Strike – 1998 King Kamehameha Akahi Dala

One of my recent top finds was a sealed 1996 Royal Hawaiian Silver Proof Set with wrong coins (each coin was not dated 1996). The set’s serial number is 0754. COA, holder, and box indicates it should be a 1996 Royal Hawaiian Silver Proof Set. The 1998 King Kamehameha Akahi Dala was part of this error set.

The 1998 King Kamehameha Akahi Dala maybe a test strike. The paring of the 1998 King Kamehameha Sovereign obverse die with an Akhahi Dala reverse die striking may have possibly created a new variety with with very few specimens.  This variety has never been reported to best of my knowledge. However, I am the first to document this  find and make it publicly available to the numismatic community.