The Face of Captain Cook: A Record of the Coins and Medals of James Cook

I searched the world for this book and found a copy in the United Kingdom. I purchased it from an  antiquarian book shop. You may search but none will be available. This is an out of print book that was published in 1983. Written by Allan Klenman with a Foreward by William J. Mira.

This is an excellent reference book for Hawaiiana numismatists. There are several medals with Hawaii ties. In fact M&R is used as a reference (along with the Medcalf & Fong book). Very detailed information about the coins and medals (and with pictures!).

Here is a sample of K100 (K reference numbers is used in the book). Sorry for the quality as this is a “like new book” and I did not want to upset its pristine binding (i.e. did not force it down onto the scanner).