H.C. & S.

Below is an image of an undocumented copper token with the initials  H.C. & S.  These initials match Hawaiian Commercial  & Sugar that was based on the island of Maui from 1882 to the present.



H.C.&S. or simply HC&S was one of a few California incorporated sugar companies from the late 1800’s doing business in the Kingdom of Hawaii. If you know you Maui sugar history, Claus Spreckels (sugar baron and the individual who aided in minting the Kingdom of Hawaii silver coins)  along with Alexander & Baldwin (A&B) purchased the Hawaiian Commercial Company in 1872.

In 1882, HC&S was incorporated as a California Corporation.

In 1896, the HC&S Paia company store was built

In 1898, A&B buys out HC&S from Claus Spreckels . A&B also gain control of other Maui sugar plantations (Paia and Haiku).

In 1899, HC&S buys Kahului Railroad from the Wilder family. HC&S also buys Maui Railroad and Steamship Company from Claus Spreckels. A&B merges these railroad operations to form Kahului Railroad Company.

In 1902, HC&S puts the Puunene mill online.

By 1935, HC&S has 26 plantation camps that houses more than 7,000 employees and their families.

If you noticed I mentioned a few companies with known tokens (Haiku Plantation and Kahului Railroad). Could it be possible that Medcalf & Russell and other authors missed documenting this token?

Additional research is still required to officially list it as a Hawaiian token…

The link is an image to HC&S Kahului store.