2SI-8 Hawaii Deak International 1/2 Ounce Silver Ingot

Did you know that this ingot was struck by Franklin Mint for Deak International?

Does 2SI-9 really exist?

I recently acquired a 2SI-8. This ingot is also listed in the book: Guide Book of Silver Art Bars by Archie Kidd, 6th ed, 2008, on page 21.

This book sells between $275 – $400. The old numismatic adage “Buy the book before buying the coin.” may not be cost effective here. 2SI-8 has a retail value of $70. However, it does have a limited mintage of 250. Snippets of page 21 from the Kidd book indicate that it’s identified as DEAK-2. Also, Franklin Mint is listed at the minter (Deak International is really the issuer).

The Kidd book does not list the 1 oz Hawaii (aka 2SI-9), however the Dallas and London 1 ounce silver ingots are listed. Is M&R incorrect? Is Kidd incorrect?

I still like that fact that two books (Medcalf & Russell and Kidd) report the same 250 mintage figure for the silver 1/2 ounce ingot. This is a very small number based on the documented Hawaii silver ingots in the M&R book.

Besides, I can always tell people that I have been at the top of Diamond Head multiple times. (My father worked in the crater when the FAA facility was located there). Do you know how many US National Geodetic Survey markers are at the top of Diamond Head?