Finding a Gold IKI at an Obscure Auction House

An online auction house (not eBay) was selling an 1984 gold Hawaii coin in BU condition.

Provided information and images were not very helpful. However my snooping identified it as a gold IKI.

I’ve been watching this coin since February 5th.

I did some moderate visual investigation.  I determined it was 13 mm based on the cardboard flip size.

I saw the words IKI and STATEHOOD on the reverse.

I placed my absentee  bid days in advance.

I watch the online bidding today. Within a minute my absentee bid won !

The coin is likely to be a BU 1984 Kalakaua Gold Statehood IKI in 18 KT with a mintage of 218. This purchase was based on the visual inspection of blowup poor quality pictures….