Maui Coin Club Medals – 2nd Acquisition

In an earlier blog entry, I discussed the purchase of 8 “working samples” of Maui Coin Club (MCC)  medals from the archives of Pressed Metal Products (PMP). PMP is the original minter of the MCC medals from 1973 – 1981.

In February 2014, I also made a 2nd and final acquisition that consisted of 12 additional medals of which 5 were MCC medals.

Currently, my MCC collection consist of 14 medals (1 uniface and 13 working samples).

Each acquisition was a once-in-a- lifetime purchase (archived working samples struck over 3 decades ago and purchased directly from the original minter).

The  issued version counterparts (relating to my MCC medal collection) each have a population of 100 or less.

There are only 13 known working samples of MCC medals, making them extremely rare and their pedigree is documented with two letters of provenance (a letter from each acquisition).

A full inventory and images of my MCC medal collection will be provided in future blog entries. As for the 7 medals I eluded too (12 acquired – 5 MCC  = 7). These 7 medals will be kept as a mystery for the time being. However, they are also working samples…