The Honolulu Mint – Endangered Species Series (designated as THN-THM-ESXX series)

There is a Hawaiian Endangered Species series that was issued by The Honolulu Mint.

The Honolulu Mint series is not well documented for the the Hawaiian specialist. This is good for some collectors (those who know can buy the series specimens at low prices), but bad for the whole Hawaiian coin collecting community (they are not really known, so collectors tend to shy away from them).

Below is the Nene Goose from the series. It comes in a booklet with the coin visible from both sides. The holder is well made and provides interesting facts about the the Nene Goose and the coins. It also functions as a COA. The coin is 27mm in diameter. This coin was issued in 2001.

Note that it was sold at the Bishop Museum (see the sticker). The selling price is also listed. Portion of the sale is to be donated to help protect the Nene Goose. It can be surmised that this series is  limited issued.

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Here are a few other species in the collection series.







More information about this series can be read at The Honolulu Mint website…

The series is cataloged here as  THN-THM-ESXX

THN = The Hawaiian Numismatist

THM= The Honolulu Mint

ES=Endangered Species

XX = Unique Identifier

  • THN-THM-ES01 – Dolphin
  • THN-THM-ES02 – Green Sea Turtle
  • THN-THM-ES03 – Humpback Whale
  • THN-THM-ES04 – Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
  • THN-THM-ES05 –  I’iwi
  • THN-THM-ES06 – Monk Seal
  • THN-THM-ES07 – Moorish Idol
  • THN-THM-ES08 – Nene Goose


The Honolulu Mint also states that:

An Exclusive, Limited Edition Collectible Coin Set
The Honolulu Mint offers a limited edition of the Hawaiian wildlife endangered species coin collection in a .999 pure silver one ounce coin; deluxe sets of .999 pure gold one ounce coin with two .999 pure silver one ounce coins. All coins are proof-minted quality with a certificate of authenticity.”

If you have images of these coins Please provide me images to aid in cataloging this series. Thank you.

The ESXX series may expand  by 16 (8 – 1 oz silver coins and 8 – 1 oz gold coins). It will depend on the gold/silver deluxe set combination(s).