1974 Maui Coin Club Silver Uniface Medal (Explained)

Below are images of a 1974 Maui Coin Club Silver Uniface Medal in my collection.



Information from Pressed Metal Products (PMP) (original manufacturer of the Maui Coin Club medals) indicates that this was a special striking that  allowed the club to use the reverse as an engraving pad.

It also can be said that the  two images on upper left page 120 (identified as 2M-314 and obv 2M-302 are s incorrectly labelled) of Medcalf & Russell.

The left most image should be labelled 2M-302 obv. The middle image should be labelled 2M-302 rev.

Below is a portion of an email from PMP.


Note the reverse image is not as shown on page 120, however the design elements are there (without text). It appears the reverse was modified to reduce the design elements to allow text to be fitted in (as show on page 120).

There are no mintage numbers for this  special 1974 Maui Coin Club uniface striking. Original  striking  mintage is 250. If I had to venture a guess, I would say a dozen or less. The  uniface specimen in my collection was purchased from an individual currently living on Maui.

Finally, this uniface medal should be M&R listed.